I am Oluwakemi Obaditan, fondly called Kemmie. I’m a Nigerian American, but a citizen of the world. I am a Healthcare IT professional by day and a student by night with entrepreneurship in sight. But this does not define me. I am an ardent believer in people, process and possibilities. As a student of life, If I am not learning from books and random events, you will find me engaging and inspiring folks wherever and whenever through speaking and writing.


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Disappointed with the outcome of his many years within the school system. Korede Obaditan decided to give Education a try. Today without a masters degree he has become a master at mentoring and tutoring awakened minds on the difference between education and schooling. He is a writer, teacher and essayist with a rare insight on almost all subjects, he visualizes himself as a student of life’s greatest teacher, he firmly believes that everybody can be somebody if they are willing to serve. He currently writes essays and social commentaries on 54Artistry, Medium and Tumblr.


Ademola Daniel
Ademola Daniel Bashiru is a legal Practitioner based in Lagos. He is passionate about the Nigerian dream and African students in general which lead to co-starting impact organization while in Obafemi Awolowo University. His experience in Obafemi Awolowo University further propelled him to be part of Kemi Obaditan Foundation whose goal is to be a leading light for Nigerian students struggling with university challenges and in need of a scholarship. He has always been at the vanguard of Motivating, advising and mentoring students and has been invited several times to do same. He is very honoured to be part of the dream to liberate Africa.